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We are committed to supporting our specialist and GP colleagues with a secure referral process to provide exceptional cancer care for patients and their families.

If you are a doctor, you can refer your patient to an Icon Cancer Centre oncologist using the information below.

If you are a patient, please visit our Become a Patient page to understand how you can get a referral. 

We accept direct specialist and GP referrals for all cancer types. Once your referral is received, our administration team will contact your patient with the next available appointment. We are committed to caring for your patients as soon as possible and process all referrals promptly.

Referral via Icon Doctor App

Our doctors accept secure referrals via Icon Doctor App and most secure e-communication and referral platforms including Medical Objects, Argus and HealthLink. All Icon doctors and centres are listed on Icon Doctor App to ensure a simple and expedited referral process. Registered users can also communicate with and refer directly to Icon specialists via a secure two-way communication platform. If you have any difficulties using Icon Doctor App, please get in touch via the Report an Issue form.

Make a referral

Should our doctors not be listed on your preferred platform, please let us know by contacting your nearest Icon centre. Alternatively, you can search below for the direct contact details of your preferred doctor and their individual Icon Doctor App referral link.

The secure transfer of patient information is important to us. We recommend sending your referral via Icon Doctor App as a secure solution protected with high level encryption and security.

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