Cancer Information Library

The following brochures and resources have been put together by Icon to help you gain a better understanding of a cancer diagnosis and cancer treatments.

Skin reactions from radiation therapy

Skin reactions commonly occur in radiation therapy patients, however they can be managed with a few simple steps.
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Timeline of cancer treatment breakthroughs

From surgery through to the latest in immunotherapy, learn more about the history of cancer treatment.
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What is triple negative breast cancer?

Learn more about triple negative breast cancer and which treatments are recommended.
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What is HER2 positive breast cancer?

Understanding HER2 positive breast cancer and how it is treated.
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Cancer care coordination

Understand how a cancer care coordinator can assist in the planning and coordination of your clinical care.
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Everything you should know about hand hygiene

Understanding hand hygiene and the best ways to protect yourself from becoming unwell.
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Is cancer genetic?

Find out how cancer starts and understand the impact of genetics.
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Telehealth tips for patients

Learn how to get the most out of your telehealth appointment.
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Cancer & women’s sexual health

Understanding how cancer treatment affects women’s sexual health.
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