Cancer Information Library

The following brochures and resources have been put together by Icon to help you gain a better understanding of a cancer diagnosis and cancer treatments.

Does a lump always mean cancer?

While most lumps are harmless, understanding when to speak to your doctor is important.
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What is cancer of unknown primary?

For some Australians, a cancer diagnosis comes with a mystery – where did their cancer originate from?
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What does receptor status mean in breast cancer?

Understanding hormone receptor status and what this means for you.
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Why it’s important to be breast aware

Learn about the simple things you can do to help detect breast cancer early.
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10 things you can do to support someone with cancer

Advice and tips for how to help a loved one following a cancer diagnosis.
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Advice for returning to work after cancer treatment

Strategies for preparing to return to work once your treatment finishes.
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Wearing an immobilisation mask

What are immobilisation masks and how are they made for radiation therapy treatment.
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Everything you need to know about hereditary breast and ovarian cancer

Understanding hereditary breast and ovarian cancer and how to get tested.
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Cancer treatment and fertility: what you need to know

Learn more about how cancer treatments may affect your fertility.
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