We are dedicated to providing access to clinical trials and invest in research across our cancer centre locations, helping to contribute to breakthroughs and advancements in cancer treatments


With more than half of Icon Cancer Centre locations participating in clinical trials and with over 60 GCP trained investigators, Icon offers Australia’s largest private cancer clinical trials program. Icon is committed to delivering clinical trials and research programs to our patients and Icon’s standard of care is to offer patients an opportunity to participate in a clinical trial or research study if Icon has an open and recruiting trial and the patient is eligible. Icon has approximately 170 clinical trials open for recruitment, and over 700 patients currently on active trials across haematology, medical oncology and radiation oncology. This includes clinical trials sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry, along with collaborative studies undertaken in partnership with various universities and collaborative groups.

It is important to us that you and your loved ones are kept well informed and supported throughout the trial process. We employ a team of nurses, radiation therapists, pharmacists and clinical research coordinators to coordinate and manage the needs of each patient across the entire period of the trial. By providing access to a wide-range of clinical trials across a multitude of cancer types, Icon helps to contribute to breakthroughs and advancements in cancer treatments for the benefit of current and future patients.

To find out more about the research that Icon is participating in, our team and the achievements during 2020 please read the 2020 Icon Research Annual Report .

Phases of clinical trials

New drug treatments are typically tested and developed throughout four clinical trial phases.

Icon primarily specialises in Phase I to Phase III clinical trials and also participate in Phase IV trials and registries. If you would like more information on participating in a clinical trial, please speak with your doctor.

For Researchers and Clinicians

Icon’s clinical trials program is led by a number of credentialed clinicians from haematology and oncology specialties across four Icon day hospitals. Icon works in partnership with various pharmaceutical sponsors and Icon doctors to fund access to clinical trials for public patients. We are committed to ensuring the latest treatment options are open to all patients regardless of their health insurance status.

For Commercial Research Sponsors

Icon aims to provide our research partners with first class conduct, management and coordination of multi-centre national and international clinical research trials. To approach us with an invitation for a new research opportunity please contact the research team via the email address.

Current Clinical Trials

Icon’s active clinical trials are listed below including links to the relevant clinical trial registry entries and are either open or about to open for accrual. If you would like more information on participating in a clinical trial, please speak with your doctor.

You can also visit NIH or Australian New Zealand Clinical Trial Registry (ANZCTR) to search all publicly and privately supported clinical trials being conducted globally.