Treatment for brain cancer

There are many different types of treatment for brain cancer. Your treatment will depend on you and your cancer.

Treatment for brain and spinal cord cancers depend on a number of factors including, the grade, type, location and size of the cancer as well your individual medical history, symptoms and personal preferences for treatment.1 Medications including steroids and anti-seizure drugs may also be given along with the below treatments to help relieve symptoms.1

The main treatment options for brain cancer include:

  • Surgery – is some cases surgery can remove all (total resection) or some (partial resection or biopsy) of the tumour to help either manage symptoms or remove the cancer completely.2
  • Chemotherapy – are specific drugs that destroy cancer cells (although they can also destroy healthy cells which can lead to side-effects).3
    • Using chemotherapy drugs to treat brain cancer can be difficult due to the blood brain barrier, which is an ‘in built’ protection system stopping harmful substances in the blood, from reaching the brain.8

Brain research at Icon

Our research centre at Icon offers Australia the largest private clinical trials program in cancer research. Clinical trials specific to brain cancer research can be found here.

Icon’s collaborative approach to clinical trial research not only enables continual advancement and breakthroughs in brain cancer research, but also ensures the most up to date treatment options are available to all patients regardless of health insurance.


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