Brain Cancer

What is Brain Cancer?

Brain cancer occurs when abnormal cells develop in the brain, forming a cancerous tumour. Tumours can start in the brain, or can develop from cancer in other parts of the body.

There are over 40 types of brain tumours classed into two groups:

  • benign: slow growing, with lower chance of spreading
  • malignant: cancerous tumour that may spread to across the brain and spinal cord

Brain tumours are usually diagnosed by several tests, including MRI and CT scans.

Treatment options

Your brain cancer treatment options will depend on the stage of your cancer, and your own needs. It may consist of chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery.

Icon offers an innovative radiation therapy technique for brain cancer patients with well-defined tumours. This technology allows a high dose of radiation to be delivered to the tumour very precisely, without compromising surrounding organs. This means that a patient can complete their treatment with less visits.

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