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08 8432 1613
10 Morton Road Christie Downs SA 5164
Monday to Friday - 9:00am to 5:00pm
Monday to Friday
9:00am to 5:00pm
Monday to Friday - 9:00am to 5:00pm

About Icon Cancer Centre Noarlunga

Icon Cancer Centre Noarlunga will proudly deliver world-class, exceptional cancer care close to home for residents in southern Adelaide. Icon Noarlunga is a stand-alone centre, located across the road from Noarlunga Hospital. The centre is led by a team of highly experienced cancer specialists who provide a wide range of cutting-edge radiation therapy treatment options.

Getting here

By car

The Southern Expressway has an on/off ramp located in Noarlunga. Free on-site parking is located at the centre.

By public transport

The Noarlunga Centre railway station in Noarlunga Centre provides numerous bus links to anywhere in metro Noarlunga, and a train station, to get to Adelaide by rail.

City bus route 725 departs the Noarlunga Centre Interchange East Side every 30 minutes.

City bus route 722F departs the Zone A Colonnades Interchange every 30 minutes.
Icon Noarlunga is Stop 64 Moreton Road East Side.

Treatment and care at Icon Cancer Centre Noarlunga

Radiation oncology

  • Precise radiation therapy treatment for all cancer types using a state-of-the-art Varian TrueBeam linear accelerator
  • Deep Inspiration Breath Hold (DIBH) – A technique for breast cancer patients that reduces the potential impact of radiation on the heart
  • Image Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT) – A technique that utilises advanced imaging equipment and computer software (including MRI, CT and x-ray) to precisely target a tumour with radiation beams
  • Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) – A technique that delivers high dose radiation therapy to cancerous tumours, while limiting the impact of radiation on healthy surrounding tissue
  • Stereotactic Radiation Therapy – An advanced technique that delivers pinpoint precise radiation therapy to treat small tumours with well-defined edges, including tumours that have spread from a primary cancer
  • Surface Guided Radiation Therapy (SGRT) using Identify – An advanced technology that delivers highly-accurate radiation therapy without the need to have permanent tattoo marks
  • Triggered Imaging – A technique unique to the TrueBeam linear accelerator which enables visual verification that a tumour is being accurately and precisely targeted
  • Volumetric Modulated Radiation Therapy (VMAT) – A technique that delivers radiation therapy beams in a series of arcs or angles by a rotating machine to allow for greater access to a cancerous tumour


  • Free patient parking available on-site
  • Access to allied health and support services
  • Free Wi-Fi
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