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We’ve got your back! We offer highly-accurate, affordable screening and fast access to treatment for skin cancer to give you peace of mind.

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Did you know that skin cancer is easiest to cure when detected early? With skin cancers often found on the upper back, Australia’s most common cancer can be difficult to identify by yourself.

Don’t leave your health to chance! At Icon, we’ve got your back. Make an enquiry with us today and access world-class, affordable screening and fast access to treatment for skin cancer with no wait list.

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Skin cancer screening and treatment at Icon

Icon offers the latest in skin cancer screening technology to give you peace of mind, ensuring an early, accurate diagnosis and ongoing monitoring of your skin.

We’ve got your back!

Our qualified doctors use advanced screening technology to undertake skin cancer checks and full body mole mapping, helping you protect your future health.

Should skin cancer be identified, our team will discuss a personalised treatment plan for you. This may include a referral to a co-located specialist or the option of the latest radiation therapy, depending on you and your cancer.

What services are available?Our services

At Icon Cancer Centre Wahroonga’s skin cancer clinic, we are proud to offer:

Full body and spot checks

Skin checks are an important way to identify any problem spots early. Skin checks help you and your doctor to monitor your moles and help identify any suspicious changes.  At your appointment, your doctor will examine your skin and ask questions about your medical history including any factors that may increase your risk for developing skin cancers. Your doctor will discuss the most appropriate next steps with you based on your circumstances.

Total body mole mapping

Total body mole mapping provides a thorough skin mole check from head to toe to create a map of your moles (“bodymap”) and track changes in your skin over time.

Latest technology to ensure an accurate diagnosis and ongoing monitoring of your skin

We use modern screening technology to ensure we provide you the best possible care. Our technology is powered by artificial intelligence for the imaging, documentation and analysis of skin condition.

On-site radiation therapy treatment as a non-surgical option

While there are many treatment options for skin cancers, radiation therapy is a non-invasive, evidence-based treatment option which has been used for decades to safely and effectively treat all stages of skin cancer.

Rapid access to co-located specialist services

We assess your treatment needs in collaboration with a team of specialists to ensure you are offered the most appropriate management. Surgery can be a preferred treatment option depending on the size and location of any cancer detected.

Our GP – Dr Charles Ayesa

Dr Charles Ayesa brings 10 years of experience in general practice and skin cancer management to the Icon Wahroonga skin cancer clinic and has a strong interest in patient education and skin cancer prevention. In 2008 Dr Ayesa graduated with honours from the University of Tasmania and completed medical training at Sydney’s Liverpool and Fairfield Hospitals. He completed his specialist GP training with the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) in 2012 and pursued further studies in skin cancer management at the Skin Cancer College of Australasia (SCCA). Dr Ayesa uses the latest technology to undertake skin cancer checks and full body mole mapping to ensure an early and accurate diagnosis of skin cancer.

Our Radiation OncologistsOur Radiation Oncologists

Icon Wahroonga has a team of experienced radiation oncologists who specialise in skin cancer:

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