Ken celebrates end of treatment and birthday milestones in same week

Icon Writer / 29 Jan, 2024

January 2024 has been a month of celebrations for Canada Bay resident, Ken.

On January 23, Ken celebrated his final radiation therapy treatment at Icon Cancer Centre Concord.

Ken was diagnosed with prostate cancer in July 2023 after a Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) test came back with the high reading of 20.6.

After seeing a urologist at Concord Repatriation General Hospital in Sydney, Ken was referred to Icon Concord Radiation Oncologist, Dr Anupam Chaudhuri.

Under Dr Chaudhuri’s care, Ken underwent 39 sessions of radiation therapy over eight weeks.

“I’m glad I can say I’m done with treatment,” says Ken.

“That being said, while it’s an experience I didn’t want to have, the people at Icon Concord have made it a much better experience than I expected. The people there are very friendly and welcoming. Dr Chaudhuri explained everything very well, which made me feel more at ease. If I could mark the team at Icon Concord, I’d give them 10 out of 10.

“I met some interesting people during my treatment. It was nice to talk to people and get to know their stories and share my story,” adds Ken.

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Just two days after finishing his final radiation therapy treatment, Ken celebrated his 80th birthday with his wife Joy, his two children and five grandchildren.

“I timed it well to finish my treatment just before my birthday,” laughs Ken.

“I’m just grateful I’ve made it to 80. Not everyone is lucky enough to do so.”

Ken, who still works part-time as a mechanic, juggled his cancer treatment with his work hours.

“I was able to go in (to Icon Concord) for treatment at 8am most mornings and then go home to get ready for work. The only side effect I experienced was fatigue, so I rest when I can.”

After experiencing no symptoms prior to his prostate cancer diagnosis, Ken wants to remind other men of the importance of getting regular PSA tests.

“My father and one of my brothers also had prostate cancer, so it shows how prevalent prostate cancer is. I’ve been reminding my son to get a PSA test done. It’s better to be safe than sorry,” says Ken.

Along with spreading awareness, Ken is now determined to live life to the fullest.

“Hopefully I’ll retire soon,” laughs Ken.

“This is my second cancer diagnosis. I was diagnosed with bladder cancer in 2007, so I know I’m lucky to have beaten cancer twice. I intend to make the most of the time I have left.”

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