Michael puts his best foot forward during treatment

Icon Writer / 08 Jan, 2024

When Michael started radiation therapy treatment at Icon Cancer Centre Redland in October 2023, he was determined to “add a bit of brightness” to the situation.

Micheal wore a brightly coloured pair of socks to each of his 32 treatment sessions.

“I have a set of five colourful socks featuring the Beatles, as the 60s was my era of music, and I had never worn them as I didn’t want to damage them,” says Michael.

“I told my wife, Christine that I intended wearing the socks just to add a bit of brightness to my treatment sessions. She wasn’t too keen on the idea, but I was excited about it.

“From the very first session I wore them, the staff at Icon thought it a great idea, so I wore a different pair each day. I also wore some crocs with my socks to make it quicker and easier to remove my shoes without the need to untie my laces. The crocs served to accentuate the socks to some degree, and made them more noticeable,” adds Michael.

On Michael’s final day of treatment, the team at Icon Redland greeted him wearing their own colourful socks.

“They all had their trouser bottoms turned up to expose the socks and I thought this was a wonderful gesture, I was almost overcome with emotion. It made my day,” says Michael.

“My final day of treatment was a very happy day as well as a very sad day. I was happy that my treatment was finally over, with no more worries about my bladder and bowel being right for treatment. But I was sad that I would not see the wonderful staff that had looked after me so well for six weeks and two days.”

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In 2020, Michael had his prostate removed following his first cancer diagnosis.

Under the watchful eye of his urologist, Michael had been monitored in the years following his first diagnosis.

When Michael’s Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) increased in 2023, he was diagnosed with prostate cancer for a second time.

“Initially it came as a shock, but I knew I was in safe hands with my urologist looking after me, so I never worried. I first met with (Icon Cancer Centre Radiation Oncologist) A/Prof David Pryor at Icon Cancer Centre Redland in October 2023 and he immediately put my mind at ease from the moment I met him,” says Michael.

“He explained to Christine and I exactly how my treatment worked and answered any concerns we had. From that moment on I knew I was in safe hands and had no need to worry. My treatment at Icon was second to none. All the staff were professional and helpful. It was an absolute pleasure to see their smiling faces each day.”

With his treatment now finished, Michael is back to enjoying an active lifestyle. And most importantly, spending time with his loved ones.

“I enjoy swimming in the surf and I cycle most days around Moreton Bay,” says Michael.

“I enjoy spending time at the park with our two young great grandchildren, Harley and Frankie. I also keep a daily diary and have done for the past 25 years. I have every diary stored in a big plastic box, and my son Richard one day intends to read them all. Each day I have written a full page of my life as it happened.”

Michael has a heartfelt message to share with the Icon team who supported him throughout his treatment.

“I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for looking after me and giving me a second chance at life.”

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