What’s new in cancer research and cancer treatments?

Icon Writers / 27 Jun, 2019

Facebook Live with Dr John Bashford

Icon Group Director of Research, Dr John Bashford was a guest on Icon Cancer Centre’s Facebook Live event answering questions about the latest advances in cancer treatments, what’s new in cancer research and clinical trials. Dr Bashford was joined by Meghan Leigh, leader of the Icon Cancer Centre clinical trial coordinators.

Throughout the video, Dr Bashford answered a variety of questions from our patients, including:

  • How long does it take for patients to access new cancer treatments after clinical trials?
  • How do you find out if what clinical trials are available and what is the cost?
  • What is immunotherapy?
  • How is immunotherapy different from chemotherapy and which is better?
  • What is the latest information on Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TBNC) and will there be any immunotherapy for TNBC in the near future?
  • Have there been any recent advances or breakthroughs in the treatment of Ewing’s Sarcoma?
  • What are the latest treatments available for lung cancer?
  • Are there any new treatments for metastatic prostate cancer?
  • Is it true there is a new circulating DNA blood test (or liquid biopsy) to detect cancer?
  • Have there been any breakthroughs in finding the cure for brain cancer?
  • Why are there more and more people being diagnosed with cancer and what are scientists and doctors working on to really make a difference to these statistics?

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