Genetic counselling service at Icon Hobart

Cancer risk assessment, genetic testing and advice for patients with a personal or family history of cancer.

Genetic counselling at Icon

At Icon, we are committed to delivering exceptional cancer care for our local community. We believe genetic counselling services are an integral part of supporting cancer patients and their families.

Icon Hobart is proud to offer a dedicated private genetic counselling service enhancing the comprehensive cancer care support for patients.

Our services

Icon Hobart’s genetic counselling service provides cancer risk assessment, genetic testing and advice.

We are able to receive referrals for patients with a personal or family history of breast, ovarian, pancreatic, prostate, bowel, or endometrial cancers.

Our genetic counsellor offers consultation appointments on-site at Icon Hobart and is also able to provide telehealth appointments.

Our genetic counsellor

Our certified genetic counsellor, Julia Mansour, has over 10 years’ experience providing genetic counselling services across prenatal, paediatrics, adult onset conditions and cancer genetic disciplines.

Making an appointment

We encourage you to contact our genetic counsellor to discuss your eligibility for this service.

To enquire about Icon’s genetic counselling service, please email our genetic counsellor on A doctor’s referral is not required to access genetic counselling services and referrals can be made by patients, carers or healthcare professionals.

An appointment will be made where appropriate and our team will contact you and you will be asked to complete an online questionnaire about your family history of cancer.

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