Cancer treatment Australia at Icon Cancer Centre
Cancer treatment Australia at Icon Cancer Centre

No wait-list cancer care, close to home.

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Start the cancer treatment you need sooner with the care you deserve at Icon Cancer Centre.

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Alongside an experienced and compassionate team of medical oncologists and radiation oncologists.

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Access oncology treatment near you with more than 35 cancer centres across Australia.

Care is more than just a wordCare is more than just a word

At Icon Cancer Centre, it is a belief in a personal approach to cancer care that matches your needs and those of your loved ones in the toughest of times.

From our highly experienced cancer specialists to the latest cancer treatment technology available in the world and a compassionate care team that understands how to support you through your cancer. At Icon, you can be sure you are accessing the care you deserve.

How we treat cancer at IconHow we treat cancer at Icon

  • Radiation Therapy (Radiotherapy)

    Radiation therapy, or radiotherapy, is the use of radiation to safely treat and manage cancer. Radiation oncologists use radiation to eradicate cancer cells, reduce their growth or relieve symptoms of cancer.


    Did you know? Radiation oncology is largely funded by Medicare with up to 80-90% of private treatment fees covered for Medicare eligible patients. This means, no private health insurance is required for Australians to undergo radiation oncology in private treatment setting.

  • Chemotherapy

    Chemotherapy is the use of anti-cancer drugs to destroy cancer cells. Many different kinds of chemotherapy medicines and treatment plans are available.

  • Immunotherapy

    Immunotherapy, or biologic therapy, is a type of treatment that uses your own immune system to fight cancer.

  • Hormone Therapy

    Hormone therapy (also known as endocrine therapy) focuses on depriving cancer cells of the specific hormones that feed them.

  • Targeted Therapies

    Targeted therapy is a type of cancer treatment that targets a patient’s own specific type and stage of cancer. Targeted therapies concentrate on the difference between healthy cells and cancer cells, and interfere with the specific molecules in the cancer cells that tell them to grow and spread.

  • Theranostics

    Theranostics is a personalised form of cancer treatment that combines diagnostic imaging to identify a person’s cancer cells and targeted therapy to treat their cancer.

Receiving treatment at IconReceiving treatment at Icon

1. Your first appointment

At the first appointment, you will meet with your experienced oncologist who will talk you through your diagnosis and treatment plan. Whether you’re accessing radiation oncology, medical oncology or a combination of both, they will address any concerns and questions you may have. Your oncologist will continue to care for you throughout your entire treatment and beyond.

2. Before starting treatment

Further to your initial appointment, one of our experienced care team will take some time to discuss your treatment, what to expect, possible treatment side effects and how to manage them. They will also chat about possible anxiety you and your family might be feeling. Our team works together with your oncologist to ensure your care is truly tailored to your needs and those of your loved ones.

3. Starting treatment

The length of your appointment and cycle depends on the treatment being given. Throughout your treatment and beyond, your doctor and care team are here to monitor your progress, address your side effects and listen to any concerns or fears you may have. Never be afraid to seek clarity and reassurance to ensure you are confident in your treatment and choices.

In our video series below, Icon patients walk you through their experiences starting cancer treatment at Icon Cancer Centre.

What is involved in radiation therapy?

What is involved in chemotherapy?

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