What’s new in breast cancer treatment?

Dr Ian Irving, Dr Dolly Mittal and Dr Andrew See / 11 Aug, 2022

Facebook Live with Dr Ian Irving, Dr Dolly Mittal and Dr Andrew See

Icon Radiation Oncologist Dr Andrew See and Medical Oncologist Dr Dolly Mittal recently appeared live on the Icon Cancer Centre Facebook page hosted by Icon Medical Director Dr Ian Irving, where they discussed the latest in treatment for breast cancer.

The panel answered a variety of questions from our patients including:

  • 4:05 – What chemotherapy treatments are used for breast cancer? What new breast cancer treatments have been developed in recent years?
  • 8:00 – What is the difference between adjuvant chemotherapy and neo-adjuvant chemotherapy for breast cancer?
  • 9:10 – What are the different types of radiation therapy techniques that can be used to treat breast cancer and how precise is radiation therapy today?
  • 14:40 – How are some of the newer treatments such as targeted therapy and immunotherapy used for breast cancer?
  • 23:00 – What is hypofractionated radiation therapy and when is it used for people with breast cancer?
  • 27:35 – What are cold caps? What other new developments are there that can help to reduce side effects and make treatment easier for people with breast cancer?
  • 35:35 – What is stereotactic radiation therapy and how it is used for advanced breast cancer?
  • 40:54 – Can chemotherapy and radiation therapy be given at the same time for breast cancer?
  • 44:30 – What other hormone therapy treatments are available for people who are unable to take tamoxifen?
  • 48:10 – Do cooling gloves work for nerve damage (peripheral neuropathy) of the hands and feet?
  • 52:20 – Is radiation therapy used to treat oligometastatic breast cancer? Is stereotactic radiation therapy ever used to treat primary breast cancer?
  • 55:43 – Are there any particular diets or dietary changes that can help to reduce the risk of breast cancer recurrence?
  • 58:43 – Is there any particular diet or dietary changes that you would recommend for people during radiation therapy treatment for breast cancer?
  • 1:00:30 – What treatment advances and new developments can we expect to see in the next few years for people with breast cancer?

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