The impact of prostate cancer treatment on your sexual function

Dr Marcel Knesl / 15 Sep, 2020

Understanding your prostate cancer treatment options and how these will affect your sexual health

There are many different types of treatment for prostate cancer. The treatment you receive will depend on you and your cancer.

There is usually more than one ‘good’ option, so choice often comes down to what you prefer. However, many prostate cancer treatments cause side effects including urinary incontinence and reduced sexual function.

It’s important to talk to both an urologist and a radiation oncologist to help you weigh up the pros and cons of each treatment option and decide on the best treatment for you.

In the video below, Icon Director of Radiation Oncology Dr Marcel Knesl discusses the impact of surgery and radiation therapy on sexual function for men with prostate cancer and how to choose the right treatment for you and your cancer.

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