Cancer treatment and COVID-19

Dr John Bashford and Dr Ian Irving / 21 Apr, 2020

Facebook Live with Dr Ian Irving and Dr John Bashford

Icon Group Director of Research and Clinical Haematologist Dr John Bashford recently appeared live on the Icon Cancer Centre Facebook page, where he returned to answer further questions about COVID-19 and how cancer patients can keep safe during this time. Dr Bashford was joined by Icon Group Medical Director Dr Ian Irving.

Throughout the video, Dr Bashford answered a variety of questions from our patients, including:

  • 1.19 – How is Australia progressing in terms of COVID-19? Are we flattening the curve?
  • 2.42 – Does Australia’s success in flattening the curve mean that restrictions should be eased?
  • 4.17 – As a past or current cancer patient, am I safe to leave the house and attend to various tasks such as grocery shopping?
  • 6.52 – Do certain types of cancers or cancer treatments place you at higher risk?
  • 9.36 – Is there a particular blood test to identify if I’m immunocompromised?
  • 10.46 – If I’ve recently been diagnosed with cancer, should I begin cancer treatment now or delay this until the end of the COVID-19 pandemic?
  • 14.40 – Is it safe to attend my Icon centre for treatment? What measures are in place to protect the health of patients and staff?
  • 17.37 – Should patients wear gloves and a mask when they visit their cancer care centre for treatment?
  • 19.58 – While I’m undergoing cancer treatment, what else can I do to keep myself healthy?
  • 23.04 – How quickly does the immune system bounce back after cancer treatment?
  • 25.23 – If I’m undergoing chemotherapy treatment and contract COVID-19, am I guaranteed to have a bad outcome from the disease because I have cancer?
  • 27.05 – Do we know why the risk of COVID-19 exponentially increases with age?

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