Staging for prostate cancer

Dr Marcel Knesl / 08 Oct, 2019

Dr Marcel Knesl discusses cancer staging and what this means for men with prostate cancer

Being diagnosed with prostate cancer can be a confusing time, especially with terms such as ‘PSA’ and ‘Gleason score’ thrown into the mix. In Australia, the TNM system is used to stage prostate cancer, which looks at the tumour, node and metastasis. Doctors also take into consideration your PSA level from a blood test and your Gleason score to help determine the stage of your cancer.

In the video below, Icon Director of Radiation Oncology Dr Marcel Knesl explains cancer staging and how PSA and Gleason score help determine the stage of prostate cancer.

  • 1.40 – What is a PSA?
  • 2.40 – What is a Gleason score?
  • 3.03 – What does the stage mean for someone with prostate cancer?
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