Clinical opinions / 30 Sep, 2021

Prostate cancer treatment – which is right for me?

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Facebook Live with Dr Ian Irving, Dr Andrew See, A/Prof Jeremy Grummet and Miranda Dibdin

Radiation Oncologist Dr Andrew See, Urological Surgeon A/Prof Jeremy Grummet and Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurse Miranda Dibdin recently appeared live on the Icon Cancer Centre Facebook page hosted by Icon Medical Director Dr Ian Irving, where they discussed prostate cancer and its treatment.

Throughout the video, they discussed the pros and cons of different treatment options for prostate cancer, including the benefits, risks and common side effects associated with surgery and radiation therapy. The panel answered a variety of questions from our patients including:

  • 8:20 – What happens when a person is first diagnosed with prostate cancer? What are the treatment options that patients can usually consider?
  • 11:45 – When is active surveillance (or the non-treatment option) suitable for prostate cancer?
  • 12:28 – When prostate cancer is first diagnosed, what tests are usually done and what classifies it as being in the green zone?
  • 14:58 – What does active surveillance mean and how is it different from doing nothing?
  • 17: 34 – When is surgery most suitable for prostate cancer and what are the different types of surgical procedures used?
  • 19:12 – Should people on active surveillance for prostate cancer have a regular MRI scan as well as a PSA blood test?
  • 20:10 – How can people on active surveillance for prostate cancer keep physically and emotionally well? How can I reduce feelings of stress and anxiety?
  • 23:55 – What diet and exercise program should I follow for prostate cancer?
  • 26:13 – How is radiation used in the treatment of prostate cancer?
  • 28:30 – Which has better outcomes for men with prostate cancer – surgery or radiation therapy?
  • 29:45 – What is the difference between external beam radiation therapy and internal radiation therapy (brachytherapy) for prostate cancer?
  • 33:12 – Why should I get an opinion from both a urologist and a radiation oncologist about treatment for prostate cancer?
  • 35:50 – What are the options for surgical treatment of prostate cancer?
  • 38:00 – Is robotic-assisted surgery for prostate cancer better than non-robotic surgery?
  • 39:45 – When men and their families are weighing up radiation therapy versus surgery, what things should they consider and where should they look for advice?
  • 42:48 – What are new technologies such as the NanoKnife and MRI-Linear Accelerator and how are they used in the treatment of prostate cancer?
  • 45:20 – What is stereotactic radiation therapy and how does it reduce the overall treatment time for radiation therapy to the prostate?
  • 47:25 – How does SpaceOAR Hydrogel protect the rectum and reduce the side effects of radiation therapy to the prostate?
  • 48:40 – When is focal brachytherapy suitable for prostate cancer and what is the LIBERATE clinical registry?
  • 53:50 – What are the treatment options for localised prostate cancer in the red zone?
  • 55:05 – How is radiation therapy used for localised prostate cancer in the red zone?
  • 59:30 – What can I do to reduce the risk of side effects of prostate cancer treatment such as erectile dysfunction and incontinence?
  • 1:02:57 – Is proton therapy currently available for prostate cancer treatment in Australia?
  • 1:04:40 – What is IRE (irreversible electroporation) and how is it used for prostate cancer?
  • 1:12:00 – What are the challenges facing men living with prostate cancer face in rural and regional Australia?

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