Greg remains upbeat throughout second cancer battle

Icon Writers / 30 Jan, 2023

Geelong based boarding kennel owner and dog breeder, Greg was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2022.

Since receiving a high Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) test two years earlier, Greg’s urologist had been monitoring him closely.

When a biopsy found cancerous cells last year, Greg was advised to undergo radiation therapy.

He started treatment just before Christmas 2022 at Icon Cancer Centre Geelong.

“My urologist is based in Melbourne and when we were discussing treatment options, it looked like I would have to travel to Melbourne and back each day to have radiation therapy,” says Greg.

“Thankfully my urologist found the Icon site in Geelong, which is only a 15-minute drive from my house.

“It’s a big commitment to undergo radiation therapy each day and it would have made it much worse having to travel to Melbourne.

“I run my own business, so having a treatment centre on my doorstep is a godsend.”

This is Greg’s second cancer battle, having been diagnosed and treated for an aggressive form of melanoma that required surgery on his scalp in 2015.

Despite his second cancer diagnosis, Greg remains upbeat.

“I’m lucky to live in an era where we have amazing advances happening in cancer treatments that can give you a good outcome,” says Greg.

“Even since I was diagnosed with (skin cancer) in 2015, treatments have radically changed for the better.

“I have a first-class cancer centre on my doorstep, and I have wonderful people around me for support, so I consider myself very lucky.”

Greg says the one piece of advice he would give to other cancer patients is to do their research.

“Icon provides good links to information from reliable sources,” says Greg.

“It’s important to have access to that information to arm yourself with the knowledge you need about your treatment.”

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