Partnership making dreams come true for metastatic cancer patients

Icon Writers / 21 Nov, 2022

Icon Cancer Centre and Dreams2Live4 have joined forces to make more dreams come true for patients with metastatic cancer.

Kununurra local, Liza Mann is one of the growing number of young Australians diagnosed with bowel cancer. At just 36-years-old, Liza was diagnosed with stage III colorectal cancer in 2018.

“I had blood in my faeces. I didn’t think much of it at first and figured it would go away, so I left it for a month or two. Then I started to get stomach cramps and the blood became more frequent, so I went to see the doctor. She sent me for blood tests and a colonoscopy. As soon as my colonoscopy was done, I was told I had a tumour in my lower bowel and they were 99% sure it was cancerous. Bowel cancer had never crossed my mind. I’ve always kept fit and had a healthy diet, so it was a massive shock,” Liza said.

Living with metastatic cancer (cancer that has spread) can be an overwhelming battle for patients and their loved ones.

Icon and Dreams2Live4 have come together to help the Dreams2Live4 team bring joy and treasured memories to Icon patients and their families during this difficult time. The two organisations have announced a partnership that will see Icon officially support the fantastic work of Dreams2Live4 through a $20,000 donation, which will help grant dreams to at least four special families this year. Dreams2Live4 has made dreams come true for Icon patients in the past, like Bob.

Bob smiling at the zoo
Bob smiling at the zoo

In December 2020, Bob was diagnosed with a grade 4 brain tumour (GBM4).

“In April 2021, I was as close as someone could possibly be to leaving this life as the GBM4 was unleashing its might inside my brain and consequently, I was referred to palliative care. A lovely doctor came to visit, and we talked about all things dying. During our conversation, he said something to me that, to this day, still resonates. He told me that nobody could control what the future would look like for me as far as my disease, but what I could control was how I lived my life and to not waste a moment and enjoy it. So, with this in mind and combined with the treatment that I receive at the Icon Cancer Centre North Lakes, I have been able to act on his advice,” Bob says.

Bob and his wife Mel contacted Dreams2Live4 after hearing about their work from a brain tumour social media group. Bob’s dream was granted in July 2022.

“I was so excited to be granted my dream. I chose a long overdue desire to return to Canberra. Canberra is the place that my wife and I began our married life 37 years ago, and it holds a special place in my memories as it was also the birthplace of our son. It’s where my family began. A stay at the wonderful Jamala Wildlife Lodge was an added experience to make my dream perfect. After a cancer diagnosis, your life is overtaken with doctor appointments and treatments as the medical world endeavours to keep you healthy. It was pretty special to be able to escape this world for a little bit and go on an adventure and create new memories with my wife,” Bob said.

CEO of Icon Cancer Centre Australia & New Zealand, Paul Fenton, said Icon is committed to making a true difference in the lives of individuals living with cancer.

“We share Dreams2Live4’s commitment to making life better for people with metastatic cancer. At Icon, exceptional care is more than just words, and this valued partnership is another way we can add a personal touch for the patients we care for and their loved ones. The impact of a dream on patients is wonderful, and for us this will extend beyond the dreamer and their loved ones. The shared magic a dream creates will help form strong bonds, winning both the hearts and minds of our medical teams and staff to continue to support this wonderful charity. Together we can make more dreams come true, bringing joy and fulfilment to cancer patients and their loved ones in the toughest of times,” Paul said.

As the only charity of its kind for Australian adults living with metastatic cancer, brain cancer grades 3 and 4, relapsed lymphoma and relapsed leukaemia, Dreams2Live4 has received applications from nearly 3,000 Dreamers and their families. On average, a dream is granted every 48 hours. The goal is to make a dream come true every 24 hours.

“A dream gives the Dreamer and their loved ones something to hope for, something to live for. Through this incredible partnership with Icon, we look forward to making more dreams come true across Australia. Dreams create special memories that last for generations – for our Dreamers, their support networks of family, friends, medical and healthcare workers and the greater community,” Dreams2Live4 CEO Louise Mahoney said.

Dreams2Live4 relies on the generosity of its supporters to make dreams come true. To find out more, visit

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