Maitland’s first radiation oncology service welcomes local patients

Icon Writers / 17 Dec, 2021

Breast cancer patient Carla shares her experience as Icon Cancer Centre Maitland's first patient

A new, world-class cancer centre has opened its doors for the local community, with Icon Cancer Centre Maitland now providing the latest in cancer care on-site at Maitland Private Hospital. The centre is the first to offer radiation oncology services locally and is set to save local patients up to 80 hours of travel time on average during the course of their radiation therapy treatment.

51-year-old Carla Bennett is thankful she can receive radiation therapy treatment for her breast cancer close to home as Icon Maitland’s very first patient.

“I was first diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer in July of this year and have since undergone eight rounds of bi-weekly chemotherapy at Maitland Private Hospital. I’m really grateful to be able to receive my five weeks of daily radiation therapy treatment in the one location at Icon Maitland,” Carla said.

Previously, cancer patients in Maitland would face more than an hour of travel each day to and from Newcastle to access their cancer treatment. With the opening of Icon Cancer Centre Maitland, local patients can now avoid a combined 3,960 hours and 227,040 kms of travel each year – the equivalent of more than five trips around the world.

For Carla, receiving her radiation therapy at Icon Maitland means she can continue working throughout her treatment, without the impact of daily travel to and from Newcastle.

“To deal with peak hour traffic across five weeks would have been much more difficult, especially while trying to juggle work. I’ve used up all my sick leave during my chemotherapy treatment and travelling to Newcastle would have meant even more time off,” Carla said.

Reflecting on her cancer journey, Carla is proud to see the new Icon Maitland centre benefit her community as cancer incidence in Maitland continues to grow.

“I grew up in smaller country towns and now living in a regional area, I know all too well the difference it can make to have care available that bit closer where you don’t have to travel all the way into a major town or city. The worst thing is knowing you should be having treatment and can’t easily access it,” Carla said.

“To have the option of avoiding travelling, especially when you’re not feeling well, and the knowledge that I can get treated quickly and in a timely manner gives me peace of mind. Greater access to cancer care means more patients can be treated now and in the future.”

About Icon Cancer Centre Maitland

Icon Cancer Centre Maitland, located on-site at Maitland Private Hospital, is proud to support the local community with the latest in cancer treatment in a friendly and supportive environment. The centre is home to state-of-the-art radiation therapy technology including a Varian Truebeam linear accelerator, with the capacity to treat more than 900 people each year. Free on-site parking is available, with access to allied health, support services and pharmacy co-located within Maitland Private Hospital. Icon Maitland is committed to providing affordable care for all patients, with no private health insurance required for radiation therapy and up to 80-90% of costs covered by Medicare.

If you would like to receive treatment at Icon Cancer Centre Maitland, we are here to help. Send us a message and we will be in touch with more information on what to do next.

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