Steve’s Silly Socks

Icon Writers / 06 Mar, 2019

Radiation - socks and all!

Steve Creighton’s prostate cancer story started out like many others. He felt little to no symptoms, but after a PSA check and biopsy, at the age of 57, Stephen became another a prostate cancer patient. After a surgery to remove his prostate he was told he would need seven weeks of radiation therapy.

“I was a bit scared going into radiation treatment. I didn’t know much about it. So I talked to as many people as I could – my wife’s friends who had gone through cancer, and even strangers,” Steve said.

To make the treatment that little less scary, Steve decided he would wear a different pair of bright socks every day of treatment. Alongside his fun socks, he would chose a different song for the radiation therapists to play at each treatment. For Steve, and the team at Icon Mulgrave, this became a ritual, and kept things in high spirits.

A lover of music, Steve is hoping to translate his time at Icon Mulgrave and use it to give back and help prostate cancer patients. He is currently working on an album full of covers of all the songs that made up his radiation treatments. Radiation’s hot hits (socks and all!) once released will have 100% proceeds direct to Prostate Cancer Foundation Victoria.

With a desire to educate more men and teach them they shouldn’t be afraid to talk, Steve is hoping his silly socks and uplifting tunes will make a difference.

“I had my moments. There was one time where I couldn’t handle it, I didn’t want to talk to anyone so I just went to a motel by myself. I just needed time on my own. But I realised talking to people they help you change your mind and make you feel less scared about the whole thing,” Steve said.

“I tell my friends to make sure they get checked. It’s not something to be embarrassed by. And then if they are diagnosed – yes it can be scary and daunting but you have to stay positive and be brave and know that there is treatment out there. There’s also that blokey nature of it all. Men are worried about talking about their sexual health and all the not so great bits that come with prostate cancer but they shouldn’t be scared to ask questions.”

Steve made friends throughout his treatment, from making the staff laugh each day, to cheering up his fellow patients, giving back and staying positive is what keeps him going. A big sports fan, Steve continues to couch a Melbourne under 14s soccer club and went on to couch the Victoria Under 14s team in Redcliffe, Qld.

Since finishing his treatment, he has gone back to playing cricket at his cricket club who have been incredibly supportive of his passion to help others. The club recently held a fundraising event and raised over $1000 for the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

“I’ve made a lot of friends at Icon – from the staff and the other patients. For a bad thing that has happened, there’s been quite a few nice things out of it. I’ve made friends and I’ve started something that’s going to keep me occupied!”

“I never walked alone, and I want that for everyone. If people are scared I want to let them know it will be ok.”

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