Icon Cancer Centre Noosa to bring world class cancer treatment technologies to the Sunshine Coast

Icon Writers / 17 Jun, 2024

Icon Cancer Centre Noosa will open mid this year with the most cutting-edge radiation therapy techniques and technology available to deliver faster and more accurate treatment options for local cancer patients.

The new state-of-the-art radiation oncology service in Stockwell’s Noosa Civic Medihub will offer a full suite of stereotactic radiation therapy, tattooless radiation therapy for breast cancer patients, along with the world leading HyperArc technology for patients with brain tumours.

“Icon Cancer Centre Noosa will offer the latest technology available, to better target and treat cancer in the most effective way. Our treatment options will also be considerably more convenient for patients by minimising the burden of time and travel for their cancer treatment. This is something that local residents deserve,” Icon Cancer Centre Australia and New Zealand CEO, Paul Fenton said.

Queensland has one of the country’s highest rates of cancer incidence with 32,547 people diagnosed with any form of cancer in 2020, representing 0.6% of the Queensland population. For the Sunshine Coast region there were over 4,000 new diagnoses and that number is only set to increase with an ageing population.

“One in two older Australians will receive a cancer diagnosis by the time they are 85. With an ageing population in the Noosa and Noosa Hinterland region, we know how important access to cancer treatment is for these communities. Icon Cancer Centre Noosa will deliver the best possible cancer care closer to home, making a significant difference to local cancer patients and their families,” Paul said.

Icon Cancer Centre has a 14-year legacy of delivering world class care to the Sunshine Coast community, with Icon Cancer Centre Maroochydore caring for local cancer patients since 2010. Icon’s investment in this new centre will advance specialist cancer care for the Noosa community, have far-reaching economic benefits as jobs are created, and by bringing care closer to home, provides improved quality of life for patients and their families.

Patients at Icon Cancer Centre Noosa will have access to the following state-of-the-art treatments:

  • HyperArc, which accurately targets multiple brain tumours while ensuring limited doses of radiation to surrounding healthy brain tissue.
  • Stereotactic radiation therapy, is an advanced technique used to treat small, well-defined tumours or high-risk postoperative areas. The technology allows a high dose of radiation to be delivered to the tumour very precisely, without compromising surrounding healthy organs due to the ability to treat with sub millimetre accuracy. This technology also significantly reduces the number of treatment sessions required.
  • IDENTIFY Surface Guidance System, also known as tattoo-free radiation therapy, uses advanced camera technology to facilitate 3D tracking of the skin’s surface during set-up and treatment. This increases accuracy, reduces patient treatment times and eliminates the need to have permanent tattoos.
  • RGSC Gating, state of the art motion management equipment and software technology that tracks a person’s breathing during treatment to ensure increased accuracy of treatment. The technology also allows patients to observe their breathing on a monitor to help them control their breathing so that the treatment will be as short and effective as possible.

Icon Cancer Centre Noosa Radiation Oncologist, A/Prof Alex Tan said the advanced treatment offerings will ensure the best cancer care to people across the Sunshine Coast.

“As a clinician, we are very lucky to have such a state-of-the-art technology offering at Icon Cancer Centre Noosa, one that is unique to the region. By offering advancements in cancer care infrastructure, we are best positioned to support patients in Noosa to live well through their cancer treatment,” A/Prof Tan said.

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