Clinical opinions / 26 Aug, 2020

Life after breast cancer – taking control

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Facebook Live with Professor John Boyages AM and Dr Ian Irving

Internationally recognised Icon Radiation Oncologist and author Professor John Boyages AM recently appeared live on the Icon Cancer Centre Facebook page, where he answered your questions about life after breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. Prof Boyages was joined by Icon Group Medical Director Dr Ian Irving.

Throughout the video, Prof Boyages discussed a variety of topics which are important to men and women after breast cancer and answered questions including:

  • 4.40 – What checks do I need after my treatment?
  • 7.11 – How long do I need to take my hormonal treatment?
  • 11.47 – How do I cope with menopause?
  • 16.37 – What is causing my breast/chest-wall pain?
  • 19.58 – Does diet and exercise really help?
  • 22.06 – How do I look after my bone?
  • 24.00 – How do I cope with the ups and downs?
  • 35.09 – What is triple negative breast cancer and how is it treated?
  • 38.00 – Can you take a break from your hormone therapy (such as an aromatase inhibitor)?
  • 41.44 – What is the role of hormone replacement therapy in breast cancer treatment and when is it safe to use?
  • 45.00 – Can you experience severe neutropenia from tamoxifen?
  • 47.40 – What is mindfulness and how can you find reliable resources?
  • 50.01 – Natural therapies – what should be avoided/tried and what is evidence-based?
  • 52.32 – What advice do you have around reducing weight gain after breast cancer?
  • 53.30 – How long does fatigue last post-treatment and what advice is there to overcome this?
  • 55.54 – What is the SOZO machine and how is it used for identifying lymphoedema?
  • 57.31 – How long do issues with sexuality last for after cancer treatment?
  • 59.24 – Can you exercise during radiation therapy? Does the prone position for women work better during radiation therapy?
  • 1.03.53 – Are Icon Cancer Centres predominantly private providers?
  • 1.06.11 – Is Mepitel helpful for radiation therapy burns?
  • 1.07.32 – Are there different tattoo options for radiation therapy treatment, such as pink tattoos?

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