An effective early skin cancer treatment

Icon Writers / 30 May, 2018

An effective early skin cancer treatment

Susan Leigh-Smith had Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC) on her nose, an early stage non-melanoma skin cancer. She became the first patient in Australia to receive skin brachytherapy treatment via the Esteya machine installed at Icon Cancer Centre Greenslopes.

Being able to access this option was a welcome relief as it offered an effective alternative to surgery and would mean she would not need to go off her blood thinning medication.

“I was very concerned about coming off my strong blood thinning medication to have surgery. When my skin doctor referred me to Icon and they explained this new treatment I was happy to proceed,” said Susan.

Esteya is a mobile machine that is suitable for treatment non-melanoma skin cancers up to 5mm in depth and 2cm in diameter and is suitable for places difficult to treat via excision, or that are highly visible. For Susan, this treatment also provided a level of ease and comfort.

“The treatment itself only took two weeks and the small scab from the treatment healed after just six weeks. It was painless and left me with no scarring.”

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