Understanding Lymphoma – your questions answered

Dr Ian Irving, A/Prof James Morton AM and Dr Lim Zi Yi / 29 Sep, 2022

Facebook Live with Dr Ian Irving, A/Prof James Morton AM and Dr Lim Zi Yi

Clinical Haematologists A/Prof James Morton AM and Dr Lim Zi Yi recently appeared live on the Icon Cancer Centre Facebook page hosted by Icon Medical Director Dr Ian Irving, where they discussed the latest in treatment for lymphoma.

The panel answered a variety of questions from our patients including:

  • 3:56 – What are the different types of lymphoma?
  • 8:40 – What tests are done to find out your sub-type of lymphoma?
  • 11:05 – What causes lymphoma? Are there any environmental or genetic triggers that cause lymphoma?
  • 13:37 – What is the link between Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) and lymphoma?
  • 15:26 – Are there any particular subtypes of lymphoma that are more common in Asian countries compared to other parts of the world?
  • 17:00 – Can the use of hair spray and hair dyes or other chemicals such as insecticides increase the risk of lymphoma?
  • 18:40 – What are the treatment options for lymphoma? What are some of the possible side effects of lymphoma treatment?
  • 28:55 – What is CAR-T cell therapy? How is CAR-T cell therapy used to treat lymphoma?



  • 32:15 – What are the side effects of CAR-T cell therapy?
  • 35:38 – Should I be following any particular diet while I’m having treatment for lymphoma? Is there anything I can do to improve my immune system during treatment?
  • 40:15 – Can I take traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) during lymphoma treatment?
  • 41:43 – What is maintenance therapy for follicular lymphoma and diffuse large B-cell lymphoma?
  • 44:25 – How long after lymphoma treatment does it take for the immune system to return to normal?
  • 46:52 – I have no active symptoms and my haematologist recommends watch and wait. Is this common?
  • 50:17 – Are regular monitoring scans necessary for people during watch and wait therapy and during remission?
  • 52:45 – What is the survival rate of lymphoma? Are lymphoma survival rates improving?

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