Understanding bladder cancer – your questions answered

Dr Ian Irving, Dr Renee Finnigan and Dr Mohammed Islam / 25 May, 2022

Facebook Live with Dr Ian Irving, Dr Renee Finnigan and Dr Mohammed Islam

Icon Radiation Oncologist Dr Renee Finnigan and Medical Oncologist Dr Mohammed Islam recently appeared live on the Icon Cancer Centre Facebook page hosted by Icon Medical Director Dr Ian Irving, where they discussed the latest in treatment for bladder cancer to mark Bladder Cancer Awareness Month.

The panel answered a variety of questions from our patients including:

  • 4:07 – What are the risk factors for bladder cancer?
  • 4:49 – What can I do to avoid getting bladder cancer?
  • 5:03 – What are the symptoms of bladder cancer?
  • 6:25 – What should you do if you notice blood in your urine?
  • 7:00 – Why is bladder cancer more common in men than in women?
  • 8:23 – How common is bladder cancer?
  • 9:50 – How is bladder cancer diagnosed?
  • 12:48 – What are the different types of bladder cancer?
  • 13:53 – What is a TURBT (transurethral resection of bladder tumour) procedure?
  • 15:19 – What is superficial bladder cancer and how is it treated?
  • 16:58 – How does immunotherapy for bladder cancer using BCG vaccine work?
  • 18:20 – How is non-superficial bladder (muscle invasive) cancer treated? What is a radical cystectomy?
  • 21:20 – How is radiation therapy used to treat non-superficial (muscle invasive) bladder cancer?
  • 24:10 – What are the side effects of radiation therapy treatment to the bladder?
  • 27:25 – When is is chemotherapy used to treat bladder cancer?
  • 31:11 – What are some of the common side effects that people might experience from chemotherapy treatment for bladder cancer?
  • 34:08 – How many radiation therapy treatments do people usually have for bladder cancer?
  • 35:30 – Why do people receive radiation therapy treatment for five days a week and not seven days a week?
  • 38:10 – What is the best treatment for metastatic bladder cancer that has spread outside the bladder?
  • 41:05 – How does immunotherapy work for bladder cancer?
  • 43:35 – Do people lose their hair during immunotherapy treatment?
  • 46:15 – Can immunotherapy be combined with radiation therapy for bladder cancer?
  • 47:02 – If you have radiation therapy treatment for bladder cancer, can you have radiation therapy again?
  • 48:17 – What is intravesical chemotherapy for bladder cancer?
  • 50:13 – What are the side effects of intravesical chemotherapy for bladder cancer?
  • 51:18 – What are the side effects of intravesicular BCG treatment for bladder cancer?
  • 53:58 – What can I do to reduce my risk of bladder cancer?
  • 56:47 – Are there any clinical trials for bladder cancer?

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