Five tips for life beyond cancer treatment

Dr Ian Irving / 02 Jun, 2021

Icon Medical Director and Clinical Haematologist Dr Ian Irving shares his advice on how to stay well and find your new normal once treatment ends


Give yourself time to adjust to your new normal

Finishing cancer treatment can be a challenging time and generally people don’t just bounce back into normal life. There is often a ‘hangover’ effect and you may feel worried about your physical, emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing. Taking the time to work through these issues slowly can help you regain a sense of control and manage your wellbeing into the future.


Keep exercising and eating well

This not only offers a range of health benefits both physically and mentally, but also reduces the risk of cancer recurrence.


Ensure you continue your follow up tests and check-ups with your doctor

This will help monitor any sign of the cancer returning and long-term side effects.


Don’t be afraid to ask for support and let us know if you’re worried about your health

Watching out for any changes and reporting them to your doctor can help identify any issues in a timely fashion. Your doctor will always be happy to hear from you between your scheduled appointments, whether you have a particular concern or would just like support or advice.


Re-establish a close relationship with your GP (or develop a relationship with a GP if you didn’t have a regular family doctor before)

They can attend to your general or preventative health concerns, in addition to offering ongoing support and healthcare related to your cancer diagnosis.

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