The Battle against Breast Cancer: International insights from Icon’s experts

Dr Karmen Wong, Dr Lee Guek Eng, Dr Alice Ng and Prof John Boyages AM / 15 Sep, 2020

A global webinar on breast cancer research, treatment and supportive care

Did you know breast cancer is the most common cancer in the world? Today more than ever it is important to stay informed and keep up-to-date with the latest information.

Icon’s experienced cancer specialists from Singapore, Australia and Hong Kong, including Dr Karmen WongDr Lee Guek EngDr Alice Ng and Prof John Boyages AM, recently featured in a global webinar on breast cancer research, treatment and supportive care, where they answered questions from patients and presented on important topics for women with breast cancer.

  • 1.58 – Dr Alice Ng: Breast cancer risk factors, causes and prevention, and what to look for during breast self-examinations.
  • 13.42 – Dr Lee Guek Eng: Young women with breast cancer.
  • 25.29 – Professor John Boyages AM: Radiation therapy and survivorship for women with breast cancer.

Live Q&A

  • 38.59 – When is it safe for young women to take a break from hormonal therapy to have a baby? Are there any results from the POSITIVE trial as yet?
  • 42.41 – After breast cancer, is it safe to eat red meat? Does avoiding eating red meat really reduce your risk of breast cancer coming back?
  • 44.03 – Are there any vitamins or supplements that can help after a breast cancer diagnosis, in particular to help with the issue of sleep problems?
  • 46.02 – Are there any options to prevent breast cancer other than preventative surgery (such as a bilateral mastectomy) if you are BRCA1 or BRCA2 positive?
  • 47.35 – Is there a relationship between a retracted nipple and breast cancer? If so and nothing shows on mammogram, would an MRI be useful?
  • 49.31a. Should Femara (letrozole) be taken every day for five years to treat and prevent breast cancer recurrence? What are the side effects? If it is stopped before five years, what is the impact of this? b. If you are taking Lupron (leuprolide) or other drugs for ovarian suppression and don’t take Aromasin (exemestane), is it as good? Can you stop taking the aromatase inhibitor?
  • 52.00 – During breast cancer treatment with chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy, should you continue to exercise? During exercise, how should you manage with radiation side effects such as skin changes?
  • 55.09 – How do you prevent and manage lymphoedema?
  • 56.38 – I am BRCA positive and I do not want to have a preventative mastectomy. Can radiation therapy be used on normal breast tissue or on the non-diagnosed breast to prevent breast cancer?
  • 58.32 – Are there studies to support taking hormonal replacement therapy after breast cancer treatment?
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