Prostate cancer – your questions answered

Dr Andrew See / 29 Sep, 2019

Facebook Live with Dr Andrew See

Icon Radiation Oncologist Dr Andrew See was a recent guest on Icon Cancer Centre’s special Facebook Live event for Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, where he answered questions about prostate cancer, radiation therapy and prostate cancer treatment. Dr See was joined by Icon Mulgrave Site Manager Andrew Do.

Throughout the video, Dr See answered a variety of questions from our patients, including:

  • 1.20 – Why are some people recommended watchful waiting and active surveillance instead of other treatments for prostate cancer? Shouldn’t you treat the cancer straight away?
  • 2.08 – There are lots of different treatment options for prostate cancer. Who should I see to make sure I get the best treatment?
  • 3.24 – What are your thoughts on immunotherapy and hormone treatment for prostate cancer?
  • 6.19 – Is there anything I can do before treatment to reduce the impact of side effects?
  • 7.28 – What is the best treatment if I want to keep my sex life after prostate cancer?
  • 9.19 – Which type of treatment affects incontinence the least?
  • 11.37 – What side effects might I experience from radiation therapy?
  • 14.09 – I’ve heard that stereotactic body radiation therapy can slow down advanced prostate cancer. What is it and where is this available in Australia?
  • 17.43 – How do I take part in clinical trials for prostate cancer?
  • 18.36 – What other prostate cancer treatment options are being trialled in Australia and globally?
  • 20.38 – I’ve heard that PSA is the best way to detect prostate cancer. Can you have very low PSA when the cancer is aggressive?
  • 23.07 – Are there things I can do to reduce my risk of prostate cancer?

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