Breast cancer / 06 Jun, 2019

Podcast interview with Icon patient and breast cancer survivor Jodie Lydeker

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At the age of 30, Icon patient Jodie Lydeker was diagnosed with the early stages of bowel cancer. After overcoming this obstacle, she was diagnosed with breast cancer ten years later and her world was turned upside down. From the daily grind to daily chemo, Jodie has got through this chapter of her life with unwavering determination.

In episode 5 of the Iconic Women by Icon Group podcast, we speak to Icon patient and breast cancer survivor Jodie Lydeker about her cancer journey. From dealing with her initial diagnosis to returning to work after undergoing cancer treatment, Jodie shares her very honest insights on the effect it had on her body image, her relationships, career and her new outlook on life after cancer.

Jodie has written a blog, She.Me, about her cancer journey, and her reflections and learnings which you can find here.

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